Kids Swimwear

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While the beginning of our fashion venture was mainly focused on just women, we then at the beginning carried some kids swimwear, which are now on sale. We have decided to discontinue our focus on our kids section just for now. Why? Because we are very picky with the quality and comfort that should be for all body types, we are especially sensitive when it comes to your little ones. We personally have meetings with the designers and review their collections to see if they fit what we are looking for and fit your expectations while shopping with us. We uphold importance in the quality and the way each design is structured, fabric being used and our relationships with each designer brand. However, we are not ruling it out completely, we will add kids (girls and boys), and men's sections to our store in the near future! So stay tuned....

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Tulah chrystaline
Tulah chrystaline

December 11, 2016


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