Welcome to our newly designed store!

We are so excited to have finally released our newly designed store for everyone! We made a lot of changes that will make your shopping experience much more seamless, user friendly, and easily connected with us on news and our Instagram feed all in one place.

Some major important changes that will give you a great experience are:

  • Quick View - Now you have the ability to glance at your items on the spot without leaving the page you are currently on. You can also add the items at the same time.
  • Cart View - You now can click on the cart icon and it will show you the breakdown of your order by sliding in from the right hand side, so it's easier for you to remember what and how many items you have added to your shopping cart. You can also add notes, continue shopping or checkout to finish your purchase from there.
  • Featured Items - We will share our most specialty and popular designer items you can purchase all right from our homepage before they sell out completely.
  • Blog/News Posts - Whenever we have an announcement or special news to share with you, you can view them right on our homepage as well.
  • Instagram - While not everyone really has an Instagram feed but would like to see our posts still, we have our Instagram feed that will share with you right from our homepage, so you can see what posts we love to share with our fabulous shoppers.
  • Email Subscription - This is great for those that would love to keep up to date on any new designer products that arrive. Be the first to know and purchase them before they're gone! Also, get special discount offers for being a subscriber!
  • Create An Account - Here you can create an account with us and easily choose certain options (like: email notifications, updating your info. etc) that you accept or do not accept. This is great, so that our system will know who to keep connected with us on certain notifications that you choose from the options provided with creating your account. This is great for our loyal shoppers who are dedicated to the types of fashion we adore and share with the world a splendid shopping experience.

While it is available for our early holiday shoppers, keep in mind that we are also still working on our site and will continue to do so throughout.

We hope that you will enjoy it just as much as we are happy with it! It also makes it so much easier for us to manage. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below, we love feedback!

Many Luxury Wishes!!
Team Adore Feli <3

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